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From April 1st, we will continue serving you in our new offices in Altea

albir abogados is a firm of Spanish and independent Lawyers and advisers specialized in property law, inheritance law, litigation and tax law. Whether you plan to buy or sell a house, start a company or relocate to Spain, we offer the most personalized legal advice to you.

We are one of the principal International firms on the Marina Baixa coast, with our main location in Altea, Alicante. We have just one philosophy and goal: to offer the best possible service to our clients, with the best legal advice and support in a multitude of technical and legal areas. To this end during the past fifteen years advising tourists interested in purchasing properties, albir abogados has managed to implement and provide an exclusive service of complete legal management.



We are an English speaking Law firm with more than 15 years of experience in helping clients worldwide with their investments and life in Spain.


Clients Priorities

Through our ethical methodology and attention to detail, we focus on client satisfaction as our top priority.


Always in your Language

You will never have to struggle to be understood or feel that the language barrier prevents you from receiving clear answers to your questions.


Peace of Mind

We offer you peace of mind when you are investing in Spain. We are highly experienced and specialized and operate under a very strict code of professional ethics.


Regular Updates

Clients are regularly updated on progress, and all ground work and research is streamlined using the latest technology ensuring fast and accurate service.


Independent and Reliable

We provide you an independent and reliable service tailored to the individuals and companies who are operating in or moving to Spain.


Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a property, our lawyers and conveyancing experts can help you. Buying and selling property is the biggest financial transaction we make. It is important not to leave it to chance and to take legal advice.


Non-resident and resident property owners are required to pay tax in Spain. The rules that operate can be difficult to understand and if you don’t follow them correctly you can be subject to fines and interest payments. Let us help you in this area.


When you have a property in Spain, at some point you will want to consider who will inherit them. Succession law in Spain works in a different way to that of some other countries. Making a Spanish will can help ensure that your wishes are carried out in the way you intend.

Why choose us?

  • We offer creative and innovative legal advice to meet our clients’ needs.
  • We provide independent legal advice. We are solicitors whose independence is of the utmost importance. We will not hesitate to protect the interests of our clients by refusing a case if our independence is at risk.
  • We place an emphasis on results which means that our clients can judge our efficiency.
  • We provide our clients with prompt legal advice on a timely basis.
  • We have a wide vision of the legal and financial aspects of each transaction we are involved in.
  • We are fully equipped to provide legal advice via the Internet and have successfully resolved legal issues for clients using this media.
  • Our adaptability to the continuous changes in the Spanish legal system, new markets, economic globalization and advances in technology keeps us at the peak of our profession so our clients get the very best service.
  • Our network of contacts allows our clients access to different auxiliary services in many types of business sectors and transactions (e.g. architects, surveyors, engineers and builders)

What our clients say about us

  • We find that Albir Abogados operate a very professional and efficient service. We receive regular updates on how cases are progressing and outstanding matters are always dealt with quickly and efficiently. We look forward to dealing with Albir Abogados on future transactions

    Amazing Real Estate
  • We bought a property in Spain last year. We had a lot of difficulty finding out about inheritance tax, NIE number, etc. I found out about Albir Abogados through the internet. I found the company to be most efficient and courteous with a wealth of knowledge, every question we asked was answered promptly, sometimes by email long after office hours.

    Carrie Ann Christopher

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