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Albir Abogados is a dynamic firm with already 20 years in the practice of Law. We are a group of English speaking Lawyers in the area of Alicante. The firm was founded in 1999 in Altea town by the lawyers Mr. Orlando Torregrosa and Mrs. Isabel Pastor (tpabogados). From 2014 till 2019 we were based in our old office in Albir. Since the April, 1st 2019 we have moved to our bigger and great new office located in Altea wich acts as the centre of our service araea, with includes the Costa Blanca, the south of Mediterranean Spanish coast and the Balearic Islands. 

In Spain, Albir Abogados maintains wide relations and collaborates with prestigious Law firms situated in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Palma and Tenerife. Within the international environment, we pride ourselves on an important presence by collaborating with distinguished firms located in European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Norway, among others.

Mrs. Isabel Pastor lawyer in Altea, Alicante

Mrs. Isabel Pastor is a Lawyer and speaks four languages fluently: Spanish, English, French and German. For more than five years she was working as the only Lawyer-Adviser of FIPE (Per Svensson): Foundation for Foreigners in Spain. After that she developed her professional career as a Senior Lawyer in TP Abogados Altea. Nowadays she is successfully combining her work for DNB Luxembourg clients in Spain (since 2007) with her legal advice in Albir Abogados.

Mr. Orlando Torregrosa lawyer in Altea, Alicante

Mr. Orlando Torregrosa has more than 20 years experience practising law. He came to Albir for the first time as the senior solicitor in Kotte & Barfod Advokater (Dutch and Norwegian lawyers firm). Afterwards he acted as manager of various legal departments such as Spanish NOTAR Eiendom for 4 years and Ballester Inmobiliaria (one of the most important real estate developers in the Valencian Region) for 6 years. Since 2014 he has focused his legal management on leading Albir Abogados Legal Area. He speaks fluent English and is an expert on corporate law, commercial contracts and real estate law.

Our goal is to offer the best tax/legal advice as English speaking Lawyers in the area of Alicante to our clients, which meets even the highest of expectations. At Albir Abogados we have a commitment to giving an efficient and prompt legal service in an ethical manner and at a reasonable cost.

We have our own code of ethics and confidentiality which goes beyond the Spanish Bar. We pride ourselves on our integrity, commitment, promptness, quality of work and value-added services.

Albir Abogados is an international law firm based in ALTEA (Alicante) center of Marina Baixa area (Villajoyosa, Benidorm, Alfaz, Albir, La Nucía, Calpe).

At Albir Abogados we take care of our facilities creating a pleasant space for our clients, brithg, spacious and confidential. Our growth during the last years has been possible thanks to our clients confidence.

We look forward to welcoming you in our new office in ALTEA (Alicante).

We are people who work for people

We provide a full range of services that you can trust.