Penal compliance

The Spanish Penal Code envisages penal responsibility for businesses as a result of their employees and directors’ actions

As a result, businesses can be subject to large fines and even be forced to dissolve the business and cease their activity.
In Albir Abogados we can help avoiding getting to that point in the first place.

If it ́s too late for that, we can help you minimizing the impact of the fines and consequences.


We will elaborate a successful crime prevention plan (Penal risk prevention plan) protecting you against employee crime. We will help you setting it up, developing it and keeping it up to date according to the applicable legislation.


We will define the attributions of the internal regulatory control body: compliance officer.


We will assist the compliance officer with the constantly review, update and adequation to the business characteristics.


We will set up and articulate the mandatory internal report system, essential for a correct and successful penal compliance.


We will train your company directors, administrators and employees so that they ́re aware, understand and cooperate with the penal risk prevention plan.

Let us make everything easier for you. Trust our experienced professionals to give your business the security it needs.

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