Criminal law for businesses

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Preventative criminal law for businesses

In Albir Abogados we offer you the possibility to draft and set up a crime prevention plan and support you with criminal law expertise for your business. That is a big legal aspect of huge relevance and transcendence in business administration, as is the liability of legal persons for criminal offences. We also offer the option to set up periodical control systems and create formal reporting channels (both internal and external).



In Albir Abogados we can offer you advice with specific criminal law consultations. We offer personalised and tailored advice specific to your needs, and after reviewing and studying your particular circumstances, we will give you our expert opinion and provide you with the best options available for your inquire. We offer these services to private individuals, business and other legal firms located in other countries.


Misdemeanour of false administration

Abuse of authority carried out by a business administrator to pursue a specific goal (usually a personal benefit) undermining employees, partners and business interests.



A scammer takes advantage and benefits from the victim ́s money and/or possessions, which they ́ve obtained fraudulently.



Profit-seeking misappropriation fraud by using deception techniques to mislead others.



Albir Abogados is a legal firm specialised in criminal law applicable to business activities.


Corporate crime

Corporate offences are those carried out by commercial enterprises. Therefore it ́s essential to have, as part of your business, a professional and experienced team specialised in accounting, business and financial law. Some examples of corporate law are:

  • Engagement in fictitious services
  • Misrepresenting the financial or legal situation of the business
  • Hindering an inspection, supervision or audit process
  • Making payments for non-existent or non-provided services
  • Hiring or paying for services at a price above it ́s true market value
  • Financial transactions that undermine the assets managed
  • Paying for non-existent advisory services
  • Slush funds
  • Making unreasonably high payments to business administrators, board members or company directors


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