Some works to upgrades on your Spanish home?

Home improvement law in Spain can be confusing for those who aren’t legal experts. It often comes as a surprise that you are required to get planning permission for even small improvements to your Spanish house.

Why you should request our help:

1. To avoid legal problems. You can reduce risks and avoid fines from the local government.

2. For your Peace of Mind. Ensuring that the entire process is legal will leave you worry-free when the work is completed.

3. Your property in the future. Removing possible obstacles when it comes to the time of selling or bequeathing the property.

According to home improvement law in Spain, you might need an architect’s drawing to get permission from the town hall. Albir Abogados can take care of all official permits, legal issues and changes to the description on the deed so that you can relax and enjoy your house in Spain. We make sure that all of your home improvements are completely legal and take care of changes to your Property Title and Registry.